RA-FA Youth Council Visit – Evesham RA

Dan Ellis, the RA-FA Youth Council’s West Midlands Representative, was invited to Evesham RA’s recent meeting on 11th October. The guest speaker Paul Field, Chairman of the RA, delivered a presentation to members which provided a national RA update. He also discussed the support that the RA provides, the benefits of membership and opportunities available through both the RA & RA-FA Youth Council during the season.

Dan attended on behalf of the Youth Council and had an opportunity to speak to some members about the support we offer to Local RA’s. It was great to see some members of Worcestershire FA’s Youth Council in attendance, which enabled Dan to also discuss the opportunities available to County FA’s and Youth Council’s as well as LRA’s.

He explained how Referee Development Fund (RDF) works and how this would enable Evesham RA to further develop their younger members. He also discussed the RA-FA Development Programme, within which Worcestershire FA achieved tier 1 status last season, and how this is something that local RA’s could also benefit from.

The meeting was followed by Evesham RA’s monthly ‘curry club,’ which celebrated its 15th birthday in October 2018.

Dan & Paul Field, Chairman of the RA, are pictured with members of the Evesham RA.

Dan will continue to work closely with the referees, Referee Development Officer & local RA’s in Worcestershire. He is also looking forward to visiting other counties across the West Midlands during the season.

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