Suffolk FA – Referee Transition Group


On Thursday 18th October, Chair Deryll David, Vice-Chair Bruno Gaisie, and the East Regional Representative Harvey Newstead attended the Suffolk FA Referee Core and Transition Evening on behalf of the RA-FA Youth Council. This group brings together the Academy and Youth to Adult Transition Referee Programme which is a Referee Development Fund sponsored programme.

The evening started with an inspirational video from the Professional Select Group Referees, with the questions posed: “What are you going to do, to be in this Group?”

Suffolk FA RDO Alan Dale welcomed everyone to the event and went through expectations of the Group and the pathways into National Programmes. The Suffolk FA CORE Referees whose Coach was in attendance then went for 1 to 1 meeting to discuss their refereeing, recent games and targets for the season.

Alex Shipp from the FA National Game Youth Council, also a Suffolk FA Referee who the RA-FA Youth Council have worked with before then delivered a presentation about his journey through last seasons transition/academy group. Our RDF helped fund referees to progress from Level 7 to Level 6, from Youth Football to Adult Football.

Speaking to Alan, he expressed how the retention in Suffolk has improved as a result of this programme, the referee academy coaches, staff and referees hard work and dedication.

The Referee Coaches delivered a session on “What does good look like?” The group discussed how a referee demonstrates key skills required- body language, communication and recognising emotion.

We happened to be there on Suffolk FA’s #LoveFootballLiveFootball, which is what the picture is above.

We would like to thank Suffolk FA, Alan Dale and his team for the invitation, it was fantastic to be able to see what part of our Referee Development Fund goes into in the East region. We will continue to work with Suffolk FA this season with our Referee Development Fund team to see how we can improve this great programme even more.

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