Chair Deryll Steps Down

Chris Kavanagh (Premier League & FIFA Referee) Deryll David (Chair of RA-FA Youth Council & Joe Cunningham (Manchester FA Referee & RA-FA Youth Council Regional Representative) at a Manchester FA – RDF Sponsored Event

Deryll David has confirmed with The RA and The FA earlier today that he will be stepping down after 4 seasons on the RA-FA Youth Council. Deryll has had two seasons as Chair of the RA-FA Youth Council and a season at Vice Chair and Regional Representative. Deryll has agreed to stay on until a new Chair is appointed to assist with handing over.

Deryll has led the Youth Council after taking over from Adam Davies in 2017. In his leadership The Youth Council have funded nearly £20,000 to County FA’s, Local RA’s and other organisations up and down the country. Deryll and his team have assisted and led in a variety of different projects, programmes and schemes and have build contacts and relationships up and down the country. These projects have helped to add support and development to referees nationally.

Message from Deryll “I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 seasons on the RA-FA Youth Council, I have met some fantastic people and worked on some fantastic projects. I’d like to thank all the RA-FA Youth Council members I have worked with over the years, along with The RA Board, The FA Refereeing Department and CFA’s, LRA’s and others up and down the country, it’s been a blast, I feel like it’s the right time to step down, I have hit the targets which I am incredibly proud of and made a positive impact up and down the country but it’s now time to hand the reigns over to someone else. I would 100% encourage any match official thinking of joining/applying to do so, it’s had a great impact on me gaining skills from a personal and professional point of view”

The RA-FA Youth Council will be recruiting in the close season, we will keep you informed. Please contact if you’re interested.

We’d like to thank Deryll for his hard work and his commitment to the RA-FA Youth Council over the past 4 seasons.

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